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  1. nistori7onel7rodel7
    my dear please help me in name Jesus Christ !!! 3 ani cu bisturiul langa coloana on Metacafe

    E-MAIL IMPORTANT ! SCALPEL IN THE SPINE ! MY DEAR , Dear friend I ask for you help.Considering my dramatic medical and social situation,I was also a victim of the Romanian medical and judiciary sistem,I am sending you this video file about myself ,my page facebook,the victim (patient),the moment where the scalpel blade was extracted from my spine,between the vertebrae. I am sorry Ihave to tell you this ,but in 2004 I had a neurosurgery and then septicemia.The neurosurgery took place in Cluj and during the wound he forgot another scalpel blade between my vertebrae.Ihad it for 3 years inside without knowing it. During the surgery ,I also got hepatitis B and C during the surgery. I spent a lot of money to save and retrieve my life,becoming broke.I have 4 kind to maintain and I have credits at several banks. My life it not normal anymore,I live with drugs,teas ,I’m on a diet,I go through many investigations,which are expensive….. -Starting December 2010 ,I sit in front of a computer with a sick spine and I struggle to make some money,but cannot do it !….” All I did so far, I clicked links and others took the money.I am sorry to say this.” I am a very religious man,together with my family and I think that God will help me though you and your colleagues. I will pray for you to save me financially,and my life,and my familly…… With all the faith in Jesus Christ, Nistor Ionel and Family Good luck!!! my address contact,phone:nr.+400359419993

    , Jesus Christ said to ask for help! suffering of Jesus Christ gives me strength! please answer my comments, and videos! I think you saw my drama! authorities in romania and france cedostrasburg-family stole all my rights and my rights as a disabled person! I have four children. I not have the house for my children!? we have no bread on the table! my disability allowance is $ 60 / month …. can not survive with Avesta money! We are a family close to God with body and soul, for-that Jesus died for us! -know how to analyze and discern the biological life of the spiritual gift that awaits us! Please dear Jennifer Give me an answer to my cry for help! no money for drugs, tests, diet, diet, food to 4 children! … Our situation is critical and dramatic!
    with love and respect,
    God bless you Ionel Nistor

    3 ani cu bisturiul langa coloana on Metacafe CRIMA IN
    Nistor Ionel a distribuit un un link.

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